Auditions for 2018-2019 will take place on Tuesday, September 4th in Ewell 207.  An audition sign-up sheet will be posted on the bulletin board outside of Ewell 207 during Orientation.

Audition requirements:
  1. sightread several standard big band excerpts in various styles
  2. play the head (melody) and improvise over Charlier Parker’s “Au Privave”
TIPS on preparing for your audition:
1) Listen to some different bands that play this music—as a starting place, check out some of the music on this YouTube playlist.  It has a wealth of different kinds of tunes performed by big bands.
Listening to recordings will help prime your ear and mind for playing in a group of this nature.  Remember—the music doesn’t come from the page (the sheet music)—the music comes from your heart and mind, so if you don’t have those sounds inside you, you won’t be able to produce them when playing.  How to bridge the gap?  Listening. Listening will ultimately help you read and interpret the music you are reading accurately and with the right spirit.

2) Practice sightreading!

3) Listen to different grooves.  Familiarize yourself with different grooves.  Study different kinds of grooves.  Bossa nova, salsa, funk, swing, etc.  Also, listening to several different bands’ concept of a groove will inform you further (for instance, listening to Duke Ellington’s band vs. Count Basie’s band).  This will also help you with interpreting sheet music that you read successfully.
If you have questions, please contact the director, Victor Haskins, at